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VertygoSLA : new criteria and custom field refactoring

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September 13, 2011

The new version of VertygoSLA for JIRA provides several nice new features and improvements. For instance, we have worked a lot on the criteria.


Two new types of criteria are now available. You can now attribute a SLA to an issue according to the project’s category. There is also a new criterion, based on the issue creation date.  This enables you to attribute a SLA to issues created after (or before) a given date. This is particuarly useful if you don’t want VertygoSLA to attribute a SLA on issues created before the installation of the plugin.
Another much appreciated improvement on the citeria is that it is now possible to use the operator “is different” in addition to the current “is equal to” operator.

Criteria JIRA issue creation date

JIRA issue by Creation date

JIRA Issue Criteria Product Category

JIRA issue by Product Category

Only one type of custom field

Previously, there were 3 different types of VertygoSLA custom fields: “timer on acknowledgement, “timer on resolution” and “timer between two events”. Now, there is just one generic type. When you install the new version, the upgrade will be done automatically but please note that you will have to restart your JIRA instance.

Indicate Type of Service Level Agreement for issue

Indicate Type of Service Level Agreement for issue