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JIRA Service Desk – what the latest version 3.0 brings

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November 16, 2015

It comes a time in the life of teenagers when they leave their homes to embark into a voyage of social and human discovery at university, a voyage where they will learn, grow and mature into an adult. This exciting time has come for JIRA Service Desk with its latest stand-alone 3.0 application.

The story behind JIRA Service Desk 3.0

it meets devops

A recent survey from the Help Desk Institute considered the evolution of Service Management inside and outside of IT. The ITSM market is moving through some major transitions facing challenges such as:

  • Development teams moving to new methodologies and practices : DevOps, Agile, etc
  • IT and Dev work in siloed organizations and processes making coordination difficult

With its latest version, JIRA Service Desk seems to understand these changes evolving towards the right direction to address them.

If you want more information, on how JIRA Service Desk would help to facilitate the bridge between Support and development, read our blog here
So… what makes over 10,000 IT teams already trust JIRA Service Desk and what brings the latest version 3?

Improvements with JIRA Service Desk 3

Fast and highly responsive Knowledge Base

JIRA Service Desk connects seamlessly with Confluence as your knowledge base. This connectivity has been available since earlier versions of JIRA Service Desk although on the latest version, due to the performance improvement on Confluence, results appear faster than ever ! A knowledge base helps achieve quite a number of corporate goals such as saving time, increasing efficiency and delighting users. There, yet again, Confluence excels on each one of them. How does it do it?

  • Knowledge Search bar displays automatically content related to the user request.
  • Users can provide feedback on content.
  • Users can add content easily to address specific matters on the spot.

customer portal

Issues resolution speeds up with collaboration

The key word here is “Collaboration”. Working as a team remains pure theory and ineffective if we do not actively share information. More often than not we are not capable of fully resolving issues entirely on our own. Therefore, we all, irrespective whether we do work on our own, in teams or under departments, need to work together with others to solve problems, meaning “active collaboration”. HipChat and JIRA Service Desk partnership brings you the mechanism to collaborate in real-time and from anywhere. It would always be needed but particularly important when we are dealing with Major Incidents and/or very time-critical requests that can make a big difference in servicing customers.

JSD Hipchat

Automation rules made simple

Have you got a current manual task that is driving you mad and you would wish it was somehow magically done? Surely it happened at some point in the past, and maybe even now, am i right? Well, JIRA Service Desk makes possible to do some “magic” with a very simple to use automation feature. The ingredients are simple to obtain, all you need are the rules and triggers that would make it automatic. Then, wait no more, you can use the traditional “drag and drop” action to easily configure the JIRA Service Desk automation builder and , hey ho, your automatic task is ready.

IT help desk

Allocating tasks to specific queues, activate some actions based on a specific status, send a notification after a particular event and integration with external systems via REST calls are a few examples of automated tasks. Automation is a hot topic as it brings consistency, reduces risks and frees time to human resources to mention but a few benefits and I do trust on JIRA Service Desk for it.

New on JIRA Service Desk 3

Streamlined IT Service Support

The first thing that you will visibly notice is the new User Interface. There is now a project sidebar on the left hand side that allows you to access directly queues, customers, reports, customer portal etc.. but as the the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I would let you see for yourself :

unassigned issues

Datacenter compatibility

At Valiantys, we were really looking forward to JIRA Service Desk to join the Data Center family. Now companies that have a need for high availability and performance at scale will be pleased to know that JIRA Service Desk is Data Center compatible.

data center

Project Types    

When creating a new project, JIRA Service Desk now makes it easier to choose the type of Service Desk by adding Project Types. There are two choices, “Basic Service Desk” and “IT Service Desk”. Whereas the first one will provide you with a simple workflow for tackling and solving issues, the latter will provide a set of three basic ITSM workflows, Incident, Problem and Change.

browse project

Simplified pricing and packaging

There is little to add here other than the price is kept as traditionally very affordable.


Service Desk and beyond

By definition, a service desk has a broad and user-centered approach, providing the user with an informed single point of contact for all IT requirements and seeking to facilitate the integration of business processes into the service management infrastructure. JIRA Service Desk follows the definition by the letter delivering an extraordinary positive experience for IT and service teams. At Valiantys, we truly believe in JIRA Service Desk, and we focus on helping companies transforming their service teams. This is why we now offer azanda ITSM, a modular solution that provides a comprehensive and integrated IT Service Management experience built on JIRA Service Desk.