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Atlassian Summit Chronicles 2015

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November 19, 2015

This year, Atlassian Summit took place in San Francisco on 3-5 November. Every year, we are a sponsor of the event so this year naturally we were at the Marriott Marquis Conference Center, along with 2600 attendees, including an increasing number of European customers. In this new Atlassian Summit Chronicles, we will come back on the key moments, major announcements and news from the ecosystem.

San Francisco

Before each Summit, Atlassian organises training sessions. This year and for the first time, Valiantys was hosting 2 sessions around the topic: “Getting the most from GIT and Bitbucket“. About 70 enthusiasts came to attend these trainings and chat with Atlassian experts.


Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar introduced the Summit with music. Dressed as Daft Punk, they opened the keynote playing samples with DJ Kanban, a JIRA software add-on available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Daft Punk

Let’s start with a few impressive figures. Atlassian has nearly 50000 customers, about 5 million active users, close to 50% of them being on the Cloud, and all of this in less than 12 years.

Twice this year Atlassian received a ‘Great place to work’ award, in the US and in Australia.

Mike mentioned Atlassian commitment with their foundation that helped about 250000 children since it was started. In addition, Atlassian gave more than 30000 licenses to nonprofit organisations for an estimated amount of $69M.

Today, 500 companies, among which Salesforce and a dozen Marketplace editors, joined ‘Pledge 1%‘, a community program initialised by Atlassian.

This year, there were no announcements of new products: the concept of team introduced last year was the main focus, especially the theme: ‘Unleash the power in every team’. Atlassian now targets 3 main markets: software development teams, IT teams, and departments (Marketing, Accounting, Quality, HR…). The main focus of JIRA 7 is to have specific tools for user experience of these 3 targets. This comes along the trend that about 50% of users don’t have a software development activity and where JIRA Service Desk is the tool with the quickest market penetration.

Thanks to an innovative approach to collect user feedback (15000 feedback per month), Atlassian defined 5 strategical axis leading investments and major product evolutions.


The efforts performed last year around improving time response showed the following results:

  • JIRA Agile is twice quicker
  • Confluence 5 times quicker
  • HipChat 4 times quicker


JIRA 7 is the result of a reflection on user experience and best practices by simplifying products depending on the typology of targeted users.

The brand new left navigation bar in each product is more adapted to each target team:

  • JIRA Software for software development teams
  • JIRA Service Desk for IT teams
  • JIRA Core for Business teams

This lateral navigation bar has been set as a standard as well for Confluence and Bitbucket.


Among its clients, Atlassian has close to 5000 big companies with high expectations in terms of performance. This is why Datacenter, that was already available for JIRA Software and JIRA Core, is now available for JIRA Service Desk.

One of the main constraints of Datacenter is add-ons compatibility. Atlassian guarantees Datacenter compatibility for 88% of the Marketplace add-ons and 96% including Beta Datacenter add-ons.

At last, “Smart mirroring” is available for Bitbucket Datacenter, leading to performance improvements multiplied by 25.


With 2.1 billion suscribers, mobility is one of the biggest expectations of Atlassian customers. Already available on Apple Watch, Android wear and tablet, Atlassian announces the release of the very last mobile versions for JIRA and Confluence.


With the Product Release board, Atlassian now offers to reinforce project information in JIRA, including Bamboo build results.

The connect integration platform was already operational for JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and is now available for HipChat. Within a year, the number of Connect compatible add-ons increased from 50 to 300.


At the very end of Summit, Atlassian invited all attendees to a ShipIt session, where a dozen projects were presented, among which 3 customers projects: for example, Amadeus presented an integration between Sonar and Bitbucket.

BAE System presented its advanced JIRA Service Desk implementation using nFeed, a JIRA add-on edited by Valiantys for external data access.

Atlassian Marketplace

With more than 2000 add-ons and a 100 million dollars turnover since the beginning, Atlassian marketplace is now one of the most importante marketplaces of the market. More than 50% of Atlassian customers use at least one add-on.

statistiques marketplace

Every year, Atlassian Summit is a chance to meet add-on editors and keep up-to-date with recent announcements and products news.


The last version of Insight consolidated its top position for asset management in JIRA.

This last version focused on performance improvement and user experience. In a Service Desk context, Insight can, for example, be used to manage issues assignation according to the asset owner.


Every year, the key Tempo suite keeps growing, Tempo Planner becomes fonctionnally more and more interesting, but we’ll especially note the launch of the very promising Tempo mobile app.


From now on, Dataplane allows you to export graphs in PDF with a subscription possibility.

New report templates are available too, as well as a report search function. Calculation and display of specific value are expected in a later version.


Canvas for JIRA allows managing Kanban boards with many filters. It is ideal when handling of a lot of issues.

Comala Workflow has a simplified administration interface and offers now a 21CFRPART11 compliance support.


Ricksoft is the editor of WBS Gantt Chart, a simple planification tool for project tracking. Next year they will offer a version integrating Earn Value Management concepts.


Refined Wiki wants to simplify administration functions of its Theme tool for Confluence, planned at the beginning of next year. Before then, the company is diversifying with more JIRA add-ons, such as the brand new Refined Todo for JIRA.


Congratulations to Service Rocket who finally joined the Atlassian marketplace. Their three main add-ons are Composition, Scaffolding and Reporting that you can now find in MyAtlassian.


Metadata for Confluence enriches Confluence with metadata management, either on a global or an instance scale.

User profile for Confluence improves its features of user representation in graphs and is also available for JIRA.


Brikit introduces two new add-ons, including Targeted search, which improves Confluence search by preconfiguring search criteria such as your favorite e-commerce website for example.


Balsamiq can improve your control panel with imported graphs and plans on launching a Balsamiq for Confluence version soon, enabling several people to work on a same Mockup.

Finally, Balsamiq announces the opening of a Paris support office for the French community.


With Dashboard Utilities, it is now easy to use a project dashboard on an other project.

Template Ops offers to copy a space with its macros in a same Confluence instance or to another instance.


Known for Configuration Manager – the reference to automatically deploy your configurations on several environments (Test/Qualification/Production) – Botron announces the release of Cycle Control. This brand new add-on addresses release management around a calendar and displays releases with thier milestones, status and risks.


Among the Atlassian ecosystem for a year only, Wittified finally addresses a recurring adiministration problem with Delegate Project Admin. This very dynamic editor also offers HipChat Callcenter.

JIRA instances synchronisation is trendy. Several editors are positioned on this segment, INTENSO with CameleonJIRA Synchronisation by Exalate and Backbone Issue Synchronisation by k15t.

Finally, we will notice the arrival of two new editors: QA Symphony and Hiptest who offer the first TDD solutions integrated in JIRA.

 Valiantys at Summit

Valiantys booth was very busy all along this Summit, with an increasing interest for our add-ons. We were introducing the latest releases of our add-ons:

  • nFeed, with a brand new administration interface
  • Exocet that now allows issue creation to a remote JIRA
  • Spreadsheets was already available in server version, Connect version was expected for Confluence Cloud customers.

spreadsheets for confluence

For Valiantys, this Summit was particularly intense : we received several awards during the Atlassian Experts night, including the award of the Top selling Atlassian award in Europe and the Top selling JIRA Service Desk worldwide.

We also organised a friendly dinner with serveral of Valiantys customers coming from Switzerland, Canada, UK and France.

This year, Valiantys was presenting again a conference: Turbo-Charge Your JIRA Service Desk with ITSM and Automation awesomeness. More than 300 attendees were present, and many visited our booth afterwards for a demo of our azanda ITSM solution, based on Atlassian tools.

Valiantys was also mentioned during the IT Team Keynote with the presentation of the ITSM project by Valiantys for the Daily Telegraph.

Save the date ! Next year, Atlassian Summit will be back in San Jose from the 4th to the 6th of October.