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4 tips to create the perfect Agile board

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August 11, 2016

Creating an Agile board is very easy in JIRA, but some extra configuration can lead to the perfect Agile board.

Here are some tips!

1. Configure swimlanes

Swimlanes can be configured as queries. Here are some useful queries to give different points of view on your board.

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2. Create quick filters

Use predefined functions such as “membersOf”, “savedfilter” or “releasedVersions” to gain quick access to important and categorised issues.


3. Configure issue detail view

The detail view is a panel that shows up on the right hand side of the board when selecting an issue. This quick view is very useful, and fully cutomisable. To do this, go to the Issue Detail View option, and set only the relevant fields you want to see to show.

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4. Use a sub-filter for your Kanban board

This sub-filter sets rules that define issues that you don’t want displayed in the board anymore. These might be closed, assigned to a different team or in a specific status.

By default this sub-filter is defined as: fixVersion in unreleasedVersions() OR fixVersion is EMPTY

Another option is that the filter marks issues as closed after more than 10 days. For example: resolutiondate < -10d

=> Another option is that the filter does not show up issues which have been closed since more than 10 days, for example

And that’s it – four tips to master creating an Agile board!