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Revolutionising IT Service management

Posted by
Rhianne MUIR

February 17, 2016

Good IT service management = good business

No business can survive without its IT team.

We’re probably preaching to the converted here, but the IT team really is the heart of any business. And that means that efficient, effective IT service management is one of a businesses’ biggest assets. In fact, a company’s success can hinge on how well its IT team can plan, deliver and monitor IT services across its organisation.

Why? Well, managing IT services efficiently not only means waving goodbye to a disgruntled workforce bemoaning endless tech woes, it also means means less disruption across the board, more productive hours and, in the longer term, lower costs and increased revenue. Oh, and it also leaves the business much better placed to meet its objectives by making sure company systems and processes are backed up by reliable IT services.

In the last few years we’ve seen ITSM tools truly transform how IT teams are positioned within the business, empowering them to become more agile, more accountable and better able to effectively respond to departmental needs. And we also think this is just the beginning.

The best news? Effectively managing IT services across an organisation is much easier than you might think.

One platform, streamlined service

Chances are your team spends a sizeable chunk of the working day managing company tech assets, handling incidents and undertaking manual tasks like reporting and managing team workflows. Controlling all of this with a single, transparent solution would make life easier for everyone, right?

Take azanda ITSM, our unique, end-to-end business solution built on Atlassian ecosystem software. azanda makes it quicker and easier than ever to manage IT services. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that our solution can completely transform the way IT service teams work, empowering them to get through tasks in no time thanks to self help, knowledge base and powerful automation capabilities.

The result? A team that delivers exceptional service and value across the organisation.

A new approach to ITSM

As IT teams become responsible for supporting increasingly complicated ecosystems of departments, people, processes, and technology, there’s no longer a role for clunky, hard to navigate systems.

Agile, responsive teams need agile tools, which is why our azanda ITSM solution comes preconfigured with ITIL-based processes and best practices. Having everything ready to go means a speedy deployment, while a simple configuration means that as your team evolves, so can your platform.

ITSM in action

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 09.48.44

We love upping the ante when it comes to IT service management, and think azanda ITSM rules. Here’s why:

Fuss-free changes

A modular design means great flexibility. In fact, your solution can be customised to suit how your team works with a mere point and click. How’s that for simplicity?

All about the user

Great tools make great teams. Think a simple, clean interface, ticket deflection capabilities and a powerful knowledge base and you’re halfway there.

Make the right decisions

Get the information you need to make smart, risk-free decisions, as well as crystal-clear visibility into team performance.

It’s rocket fuel for productive teams

Automation can transform a team’s productivity by banishing repetitive tasks and cutting ticket times with smart questioning and triaging.

No messing around

Like you, we’ve seen our fair share of mammoth implementation projects. Doesn’t getting up and running within a few days sound tempting? azanda ITSM’s agile approach makes big things happen quickly.

Service management experts

Finding the right ITSM solution means more than just software – you’ll also need to think about best practises and getting the right guidance. With azanda ITSM, not only do we empower you to change the way you work for the better, we also provide the expertise to help you make the most of it as quickly as possible.

There’s no denying that IT teams are facing increasing pressure to evolve – but luckily the way we implement the tools to do this is evolving, too.

If you’re not switched onto the benefits on an ITSM solution yet, why not?