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Confluence 4 and Table Plus plugin

Posted by
Cyrille MARTIN

July 6, 2012

In previous versions of Confluence, the table management was poor.
We can add columns and rows and, in the Wiki markup editor, we can put some grey background color on cells.

For one year, with Confluence 4 and its single Richtext editor, Atlassian gave us the capability to merge cells.
It is a revolution for table content editing.
With the next release of Confluence (4.3) we could sort columns (if it is not delayed.)

But if you cannot wait or do more…

Lots of partners had to rewrite their plugins to insure Confluence 4 compatibility with its new RichText editor.
Some of these plugins offered hugh functionalities on table, like the plugin Table Plus, developped by Bob Swift.

This plugin allows you to sort, to sum values and to add CSS rendering on table columns.

It is compatible to Confluence 4; unfortunately, you have to use a block of Wiki Markup and write your table in the old way (with pipe  | | | | |.)

At Valiantys everybody are not found of wiki markup and manipulating large tables in wiki markup becomes a nightmare.

So, we developped a user macro which allows us to use the capabilities of Table Plus with RichText tables, and we share it with you.

Do to that, you need to have:

  • Table Plus plugin installed on yout Confluence 4
  • activate the module {html} in the plugin Confluence HTML Macros (native) or install the plugin Confluence HTML Plugin (Bob swift again),
  • the administrator rights to add a user macro.

This user macro should have the “Body Processing Option” on “Rendered”,
and the following template:

With pleasure.