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5 must-have add-ons for JIRA and Confluence

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November 28, 2014

About 1500 add-ons for Atlassian tools (JIRA, Confluence and Dev Tools) are available on the marketplace. The choice for extending your favourite Atlassian tools fonctionalities is wide. Do you want some advice to choose the add-ons that suit you the best?

Designing solutions based on Atlassian tools is our everyday life at Valiantys. Here is a list of some of our favourite add-ons: truly useful, well supported and implemented by hundreds of companies across the world.

Top JIRA add-ons

Tempo Timesheet

Time tracking | TM Software

The famous time tracking extension has reached an unquestionable maturity regarding both User Experience and integration with Atlassian Agile approach. TM Software has recently launched 2 promising add-ons: Tempo Planner and Tempo Book.

JIRA Agile

Scrum or Kanban Agile project management | Atlassian

This is the must-have add-on for Agile (Scrum or Kanban), more popular even than Rally or Version One. One customer out of two already uses JIRA Agile.

JIRA Capture

Web applications testing | Atlassian

Track bugs of your web applications smoothly. Add notes to your screenshots and save automatically your test environment (OS, browser version…) without having to exit your app under test. 


Enterprise Test Management | Zephyr

Zephyr is a reference for test management with JIRA. Zephyr allows you to customise JIRA’s configuration for your test cases and scenarios.


The universal data connector for JIRA | Valiantys

nFeed allows you to display external data from SQL database, REST web services, LDAP or XLS in JIRA custom fields. It offers multiple display styles from autocomplete text box to cascading select lists.

Other JIRA add-ons

Folio developed by Kitalax is a project portfolio management add-on and Dataplane by Arsenale is a great JIRA reporting and analytics add-on.

Top Confluence add-ons


Mockups | Balsamiq

This wireframing tool is a must-have to collaborate around mockups. Balsamiq Mockups is also available for desktop.

Confluence Team Calendars

Calendar Management | Atlassian

This add-on is ideal for team or event calendars and integrates perfectly with JIRA to view your projects planning.


Diagrams creation | Gliffy

Forget about Visio ! Gliffy is the perfect add-on to create diagrams and design clearly and easily your companies’ process.

Confluence Questions

Confluence Q&A | Atlassian

Confluence Questions helps you build your company Q&A. Thansk to this add-on, you can identify the experts in your company and get answers quickly.

Scroll Office

Export Confluence content to Word | K15T

Scroll Office enables you to export your technical documentation from Confluence to Word templates. Discover other export modules: PDF, ePub, HTML.

Choose the most adapted add-on

If you are wondering whether an add-on will answer your need or not, feel free to ask us by commenting or filling the contact form. We are used to integrate add-ons in customer environments and we can help you identify the most appropriate solution.