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I heard it said once many years ago that McDonald’s — the hamburger giant whose second most profitable market in the world is France — is actually a real estate company. A quick internet search reveals that there’s quite a bit of truth to this: they buy and sell some of the best commercial property in the world for a profit, and also charge franchisees rent to use corporate-owned real estate. By that same logic, nearly every major enterprise in the world today is actually in the IT business. Whether you sell health care, insurance, financial services, transportation, or household goods, the success of your employees, products, and company depends on the availability of your IT services. No pressure, right?

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Today we are launching Spreadsheets 1.0, the full spreadsheets and advanced tables editor for Confluence. Since our beta release at Atlassian Summit, we’ve received amazing feedback from early adopters and from Atlassian. Thanks to them, we have revised our roadmap and focused on delivering the features that matter the most to Confluence users. So, what’s […]

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