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On a busy day, JIRA can place a heavy load on a database. To lighten the load and give users the performance and responsiveness they need, the application uses Lucene, an open source library which retrieves and caches the desired content of the database while keeping the form of file on the application server. This solution has the advantage of not being dependent of the network or the database server. However, it does require sufficient disk space and systematic updating of indexes for each change request. Let's take a closer look at the principles of reindexation and the different possibilities to re-index the application.

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JIRA is well-known as a tool for project management, and now it's been made even easier with the JIRA Agile add-on. One can be forgiven for thinking it's mainly a tool for IT departments so here's an example that shows there's no limits to where you can apply JIRA's capabilities. In the marketing team of Valiantys, we work with JIRA to track projects using a Scrum methodology. Enthusiastic about this tool, we recently decided to adopt it for blog tracking, this time with a Kanban board. Who said JIRA wasn't made for marketers?

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