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The new version of Exocet includes two major changes, both long-awaited by users. Firstly, Exocet 2.5.0 is now fully compatible with JIRA 7 ! Secondly, a brand new feature is now available: create and link an issue to a remote JIRA instance. This is a first step to a complete implementation of the existing 'create and link an issue' action. Let's go through this new feature and its possibilities!

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The newly released 5.4 version of nFeed embeds new features to improve JIRA user experience. In addition to this, it is now fully compatible with JIRA 7 ! The user interface has been reshaped and simplified. New features have been added as well, such a bulk edit feature, SQL/velocity syntax highlight and query tester. Let's start with the feature the most expected: the bulk edit feature.

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Say hello to JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk and JIRA Core. This is not one, but three products that Atlassian releases with JIRA 7 : three purpose-built tools offering specifically designed experiences. This latest release reflects the evolution of JIRA users within organisation : JIRA is no longer only for software teams. Many IT teams, but also business teams use JIRA for tracking their tasks.

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