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Using a LDAP allows you to manage your users internally and to centralise information related to them in a dedicated data-source. When using JIRA you may sometimes find yourself either lacking of information on users to properly handle the issue you are working on or feeling the need to type manually information you know your LDAP contains . You'll then wonder : what's my LDAP for if not to solve these issues? How can I retrieve the information I need from my LDAP without having to switch context?nFeed, our JIRA add-on, is an efficient solution to this matter. This article will provide you with a few ideas of relevant information to retrieve as well as a pragmatic tutorial on how to set up nFeed to do this job for you.

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JIRA or Confluence have become necessary applications within your company, either as a result of a top management decision, or because it progressively found its way in your organisation after an innovative project management. As a matter of fact, you are now facing administration and instance management issues.The choice in the platform architecture and related service requires in-depth thinking. This article will lead you step-by-step to identify the most relevant solution for you.

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