Dataplane, an impressive JIRA add-on for reporting

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Yassine Mansour

December 3, 2013

Using JIRA as an Issue Tracker is good, but having powerful graphs and reports to analyse the way you use it is even better.

So, how can you gain extra knowledge from your JIRA Data? Arsenale Dataplane Plugin provides the right answer.

What is Dataplane?

Dataplane is powerful and intuitive reporting and analytics add-on for JIRA made by Arsenale Systems.

It is available for JIRA 5.0.1 and above and it gives you:

  • A set of out of the box ready-to-run reports to track service performance, team performance, issue lifecycles and more.
  • Powerful data engine that can analyse the current situation of your projects and issues and reach back in time and look at historical trends
  • An intuitive interface to easily produce rich and actionable reports in few seconds and then display them as gadgets into your JIRA dashboard.
  • PDF & CSV exports allowing you to provide and share metrics with your business teams.


Report Categories

Current Metrics

Reports of this category focus only on current values of issue fields. Thus, you can get a snapshot on how your project is doing at the moment.

Service Performance

Service Performance reports focus on the responsiveness of your teams to processing and responding to customer or client requests.

Team Performance

Team Performance reports track the velocity, productivity, and responsiveness of your project team members.


If you have a fixed idea about metrics you want to reach and analyse, reports of this section will provide you extra flexibility to do it.

Here is an example we tested: A report about Issues from 3 projects assigned to users and segmented by the issue type.

dataplane reportdataplane report 2

Once a Dataplane report is created and configured to aim specific data (project and issues) and to track different possible KPIs, it is possible to:

  • Save it and reuse it, tag it as favorite, Share it with your team.
  • Use it in a specific gadget displayed in your dashboard.

dataplane saving reports

dataplane schedule report

Pros and cons

(+)Dataplane pulls out its massive potential with various report categories, high quality reports and an intuitive interface.

(-)Dataplane uses the JIRA database as a unique datasource. Thus, it is not possible to connect and analyse another DataSource. This situation can potentially lead to double your JIRA database size (for indexing purposes).

To sum up

Using only the JIRA DataBase as a Datasource is maybe a limit, but if you want  to get sophisticated charting reports and analysis of KPIs and trends in your JIRA data, this plugin is a must have.

Ready to get the best report and data analytics for your JIRA?

For any questions about this add-on, feel free to contact us. And do not forget to have fun with it!